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  • What Is Freezing In Parkinson’s

    What Is Freezing In Parkinson’s

    A freezing episode in Parkinson’s disease is a brief and sudden inability to initiate movement whether it be walking, speaking, or even the ability to open and close one’s eyes. The most common and debilitating form of freezing occurs when the individual is walking as it can be very dangerous and lead to a fall.…

  • How Much Protein Per Day for Seniors?

    How Much Protein Per Day for Seniors?

    Getting in enough protein per day is important for all age groups and especially the elderly. You might think that all protein does is build muscle but it is very important for our bone health, physiological functions, recovery during and after illness, and is even important for hair and nail health. Up to one third…

  • Fall Prevention

    Fall Prevention

    According to the CDC approximately 36 million falls in the elderly occur every year. Of those 36 million falls, 32,000 will result in death. If that didn’t grab your attention, did you know that there are about 300,000 hip fractures each year? 95% of which are caused by falls. Falls in the elderly are often…

  • Balance Exercises for Seniors

    Balance Exercises for Seniors

    Maintaining balance is one of the most important goals for seniors , as having a fall is a leading cause of death, disability, and further health complications. According to the CDC an adult over the age of 65 suffers a fall every second in the US. Each year about 36 million falls occur resulting in…